Joan Newall's work is concerned with narrative and process, with a strong leaning towards emotional and autobiographical life events.

She uses her own experiences and translates these feelings, together with her quirky sense of humour, into works on cloth and paper.

 She uses wax and stitch together with digital imagery as the basis for her work, often using the embellisher as an additional tool.

Joan Newall has a first class Honours degree in textiles and printmaking and has completed C&G textiles.She is a Member of the Society of Designer Craftsmen and, as a member of PagePaperStitch  specialising in bookmaking and the creation of artists' books.

She teaches and runs workshops in bookmaking, machine embroidery, surface decoration, and believes that this extends her own practice which is a continuing learning process.

She exhibits widely throughout the North of England both as a solo artist and as part of PagePaper Stitch.

 "The past year has been a difficult one for me with an enforced break from teaching and exhibiting. But it has been a time of reflection where thoughts and ideas have been able to come to the fore and a time to decide what is really important to me in my work and in my life. I couldn't just pick up where I had left off and felt that I had to go back to a beginning. For me that was drawing and painting which has eventually gently led me back to my way of working with cloth. I have returned to teaching which I love and often say that that is more important than my own practice. But in reality the two go hand in hand, one doesn't seem to exist without the other and they support each other."

Joan's new work uses her drawings from nature as the starting point which is then moved on to cloth and stitch. A new poem supports this work.

New classes and workshops can be seen in the workshop section and on the Number 6 website